The Rixus-Xirri controversey was becoming well known among the IPY community, and in return there were several arguements and debates on whether or not the both of them should be banned.

During all of this heat our guild was macroing archery together. This was before items in houses decayed, and for a while we couldn't figure out why whenever someone would come on screen it would take over fucking 3 minutes until they could move again and the same amount of time for us to log into our house. We then realized we had probably close to 10,000 or more arrows stacked on every tile within our four walls due to the missed archery shots during skill gain. Raugh and I were just about to set macros pick up this insane mess when our house disappeared.

Immediately afterwords, three of our members disappeared from screen or were insta-killed. GM Landshark appeared [Greybeard], who now had the perfect excuse to rape Xirri and take out frusturation from all of the hurassment he had been giving him regarding dropping the shard due to dying. Refer to Tickled Pink if you haven't already read through it.

Raugh and I started gathering together all of our shit, and we honestly at this point were more concerned with getting the arrows off screen than discussing the issue at hand.

Landshark was pretty pissed off and told us the other two players had their accounts banned because they "Looked like Xirri".

I am not sure what the comment below means.

Shortly afterwards, Landshark offered us a new home nicer than our previous one, and we returned to macroing archery while also macroing picking up arrows. Xirri and Rixus were both banned at this point and to be honest I don't think either of them truly cared considering they made a fair amount of cash and the ultimate goal had already been accomplished. Funny enough, if anyone really paid for the items and gold Xirri had been "selling" behind the scenes they quickly got a stick in the ass when it was decided by Azaroth and others to wipe the shard and start fresh with a new world and reorganized staff.

Mayhem took place, and IPY was reborn soon after.