Just to get an idea of the type of staff corruption Pre-Wipe on IPY, I had captured one time in particular in which myself, Xirri, and Raugh had gated into Covetous Entrance where the JoV [Joy of Villainy] guild base was. When we first arrived no one was to be seen, but a few seconds later a gate opened up and we quickly dispelled it and dropped all of the opponents except one. These guys must have been in the middle of transporting goods, because they were STACKED with loot.

We cleaned out the corpses and gated back to our guild base when we all received a "Connection Loss". Take in mind that server drops were pretty popular around this time on IPY so I had brushed it off as bad timing for a crash. Xirri on the other hand was sure it was Greybeard [a member of JoV and IPY staff] reverting the shard to the last saved point before we had cleared them out. I highly doubted this, and when the server rebooted, we went straight to the JoV base again... Yet AGAIN a gate popped up, and for the second time we cleared out their entire guild, including the ones who went running for cover in their home. We gathered the loot and headed back to our guildhouse, when for the second time we received the "Connection Loss" and the server had dropped...

At this point I was a little suspicious, but still I thought nothing of it and assumed it was just coincidentally another crash. Xirri still persisted it was Greybeard or a JoV member with staff power purposely reverting to before they had died again. Xirri started announcing in IRC that this was the reasoning for the crashes, and most people didn't believe him or really care. Azaroth wasn't online to tell us the real deal.

When the shard came back up a third time, no one showed up at the JoV base. We started going on a PK run around the map when I noticed a pink tribal mask appeared on my face. I had no idea how it got there, and Xirri immediately mentioned it was probably GM Landshark [Greybeard's staff name] sucking up to us since we had caught him doing some fishy business - and he was right.

Soon enough, everyone in our crew had pink masks.

Eventually Greybeard started playing with his powers to please us, throwing down different world decorations, and all of the town criers were speaking about the "Pink PKs".

We continued for the rest of the night on our PK run with our *special items*, until eventually Greybeard deleted them as it was pretty obvious Azaroth probably wouldn't have been too happy. Take in mind I have nothing against Greybeard and him trying to make the game more enjoyable for us. In fact, I appreciated it overall. I was a huge fan of his website during the OSI days. Nonetheless, in the end the most important thing was the server was being dropped due to a staff member's character dying, and there is no excuse for that as far as non-interference goes.