The zip file below contains videos (no audio) from a Staff 2 vs 2 tournament Raugh and I won on June 4th, 2004. I don't remember who captured these and sent them, so thanks to anonymous.


Tourney Participants: Ech Em Yoo and King Raugh II, Biski and Xexus, Erik Nytemane and BlackRose, Energy and NoLiMiT, Sirkus and J Dub, Spinal and Mark Kate Olsen, Pasha Pook and Sinbad, furb and MethodMan, Gza WC and Deathstrike, Still-Target and Porthos Evil, Vengeance and KillaNilla, Edgar and Raco, and Sensation and JT.

The monthly tourneys were a blast, but once a month was not enough for most PvPers. Soon after the 2nd tournament I decided to start hosting weekly "HMU Tourneys" on Wednesday evenings. These tournaments alternated each week from 1 vs 1 to 2 vs 2. I started holding the event on tower tops and after running a couple succesfully the staff decided to help keep things organized and transport players to custom made arenas.

Eventually, the signs ups were so huge and there was such a high spectator list that the staff decided to let me use their official arena for the event. I remember there being 100+ players together consistently on Wednesday nights to fight or watch. I offered a money back guarantee to anyone who was disapointed in the event and went out of my way to make sure everyone was pleased/secure since this was a *non-official* event.

I want to quick make a sidenote: running these tournaments gives you a high appreciation of the staff for both the shard or any MMORPG in general that is still kicking. Being the head of this event, I was flooded with PMs on both the IPY forums and IRC channel of all sorts. There was not a single HMU Tourney that didn't go without at least 20 messages of ridiculous complaints and whining about things that I CLEARLY stated in the sign up rules. The truth is, most players don't listen, don't read, and have no clue what the "big picture is". Most players are selfish, bitter, and ungrateful for the work put in just so their sorry asses can have a good time.

To think I was even accused as "running the event to brown nose staff" or "take everyone's gold" when I ran the event alone for 2 months and did 90% of the work for the other 4 while losing close to 100k a week due to me not only refunding whining losers but OFFERING them more gold so they would shut the fuck up and enjoy themselves. I also held contests for the spectators and throughout the tournaments and IPY gave over a million gold to random newbies as a jump start in their IPY career (public relations). The event was all around tedious as fuck for me and took about 4-5 hours of time as well as causing minor headaches. Regardless, they were held to keep the community active and most of all to make sure PvP was still alive outside of the gank squads...

So fuck the haters.

Top IPY duelers that come to mind:

Ech Em Me
King Raugh II
King Kye
Aeon Flux
David Miller
Houdini of Thugs
You (I am forgetful)


Here are pictures from both the HMU tourneys and the officials:


Thanks to all who participated and assisted in my weekly parties.